Theresa Sarudzai Chidembo


CARTHO focuses on cattle rearing and small-scale horticulture to produce good quality and organic beef and vegetables.

B-Corp Impact Areas 

    1.   Impact Business Model 
      •     Conveniently produces good quality and organic beef and vegetable 
      •     Manure from cattle is used as fertilizer to undertake small scale horticulture 
    1.   Community 
      •     Donating 20% of our dried vegetables to the less privileged.

SDG Outcomes

SDG 2 


SDG 12

Hybrid Model:

Cattle rearing and small scale horticulture will create employment for people in Chivhu, Zimbabwe. Butcheries will be supplied with good quality beef and market women who sell organic vegetables will have a place close by to acquire their products from. Moreover, gracefully embracing farming will attract more young people to venture into commercial farming.


Validated the process of identifying the right target beneficiary group to benefit from Ung Jordbruk Impact Model.