Teni Agana

Loozeele Initiative

A new social venture created to mitigate the problems of unemployment and reduce rural-urban migration in the northern part of Ghana by helping youths create a source of income to support themselves while they live and stay in the north.

B-Corp Impact Areas 

    1.   Environment 
      •     Using environmentally friendly product
    1.   Impact Business Model 
      •     Reducing rural-urban migration 
      •     Targeting a vulnerable group in the community (female head potters)
      •     Undertaking training to empower women and girls 
    1.   Community 
      •     Working with local facilitators, trainers and partners to achieve Loozeele mandate. 
      •     Setting up a factory to train girls in an underserved community. 

SDG Outcomes



Hybrid Activities 

    1.   Train young girls and women specially kayayei (female head potters) through partnerships with other organizations to empower them to create a livelihood for themselves and plan for  a better life.
    2.   Sell products made by the girls and 20% of the sale of every products goes towards sustaining and supporting more girls.


Validated the process of partnering with an International Development Agency as a key partner to achieve Loozeele mandate on a large scale.