Teni Agana

Loozeele Initiative

Loozeele Initiative is an educational program targeted at the youth in the northern parts of Ghana. It comprises entrepreneurship module, empowerment module, and the reproductive health module. Loozeele aims to empower young people to learn basic speaking, reading, and writing skills, and identify entrepreneurial opportunities whilst mitigating teenage pregnancies and its negative impact. Overall, Loozeele hopes to improve the lives of the youth and, even better, reduce the rate of urban migration.

SDG Outcomes

Hybrid Model: Loozeele Initiative is a social enterprise that support girls and women to create a source of income through entrepreneurship. These women do not only get employment, but they also make profit from the products they make. Loozeele does not only do good as an initiative but they also do well to support others. Currently, some of the products they make include shea butter, smock fabrics, woven bags and sandals. The girls and women use technology to market the products they make. They use social media to sell products to their customers and communicate with them. It is a great platform for them to showcase their products to the world.