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Think Education

Think Education supports and empowers weak low-fee private schools in low-income communities across Ghana to create, innovate and implement systems and conditions to support effective school administration and management, improve their operational efficiency and develop programmes that enable students to thrive.

To achieve our broader outcomes, we have developed a holistic school improvement and advisory programme that supports these schools to build context-based systems and structures to improve their schools’ resilience and ability to provide quality education. The programme co-designs effective solutions with the schools by engaging them and their stakeholders in key areas. This approach involves establishing a relationship with partner schools, collecting information to identify key priorities and weaknesses using a thorough school improvement diagnostic tool, assisting the schools in identifying strengths and areas for development, co-designing and executing context-specific solutions and monitoring and evaluating progress once solutions have been implemented.

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Hybrid Model

As a consultancy/advisory company, the services of Think Education Ghana are intended to be paid for, whether directly or indirectly by customers/ stakeholders. In spite of the profit-making motive, the primary objectives and efforts of Think Education are geared towards expanding access to quality and holistic education in Ghana, thereby helping to reduce educational inequality.