Emma Forson

ELNAK Recycle

ELNAK Recycle is a fabric waste management company that provides fabric recycling and donation services for businesses and households in Accra, Ghana. Our aim is to prevent fabric from ending up in our landfills or being burnt. Our solution allows fabric to be reused to save our environment and protect our people.

 B- Corp Impact Areas 

    1. Environment
      • Reducing waste generation through prevention, reduction and reuse.
      • Reducing energy consumption through the use of manual hand washing to provide employment 
    1. Community 
      • Making human settlements inclusive, safe and sustainable.
      • Empowering lower-income women through employment. 
    1. Governance 
      • Publishing sustainability reports every year.

SDG Outcomes


SDG 11

SDG 12

SDG 13

Hybrid Activities 

In line with the 12th, 11th and 8th SDGs, we offer our fabric recycling process with the sole aim of diverting textile waste from landfills and into purposeful items. These items are then sold to generate revenue for our business. We also plant a tree for every purchase made from our store and collect and donate once-loved clothes to those in need.


Validated the viability of our recycled fabric in the Ghanaian market.