Emma Forson

97′ Thrift Store

Recycles textiles for businesses and households to eliminate fabric pollution and its unwanted accumulation in Ghana.

 B- Corp Impact Areas 

    1. Environment
      • Reducing waste generation through prevention, reduction and reuse.
      • Reducing energy consumption through the use of manual hand washing to provide employment 
    1. Community 
      • Making human settlements inclusive, safe and sustainable.
      • Empowering lower income women through employment. 
    1. Governance 
      • Publishing sustainability reports every year.

SDG Outcomes

SDG 11

SDG 12

Hybrid Activities 

    1. Customers pay per pound of fabric brought to us and we take a percentage of their thrifted items. 
    2. Sell fabric insulation and fiber filling-produced in our recycling factory. 
    3. Sell recycled fabric. 
    4. Provide additional services at a charge (decluttering).
    5. Provide  people with so many clothes with no use for them an opportunity to put them to better use for donations, recycling and thrifting. Hereby, giving clothes to those in need of them, detouring clothes from the landfills and giving people a chance to make money back from their clothes.


Validated the viability of our recycled fabric in the Ghanaian market.