Dzifa Anagblah

Safi Label

Safi Label is a 100% made in Africa fashion brand that produces responsibly crafted apparel, accessories and home goods. We aim to create unique products steeped in tradition and cultural heritage with a modern edge. Safi Label is all about melding a love of African culture and style with a commitment to thoughtful production and consumption.

SDG Outcomes:

Hybrid Model: Our hybrid model is centered around our value proposition of offering unique, consciously crafted apparel and accessories that are made from sustainable materials and supports artisans in the local economy.Our core collections focus on a sustainable and timeless wardrobe that makes a social and economic impact. We enable our customers to feel, look, and do good. We aim to promote poverty alleviation interventions amongst artisans in low-income communities. Our products ensure that artisans in low-income communities are provided with a stable income, safe working conditions, and promote traditional craftsmanship that has been passed down from generations.