Bernard Derry Wanye

Speeders Laundry

At Speeders Laundry, we provide quick and quality laundry services to our customers at their convenience.

B- Corp Impact Areas 

    1. Workers
      • Good working environment for all workers. 
      • A fair amount of compensation and benefits. 
      • Training for all workers to improve personal and professional development. 
      • Providing exit support to help workers pursue their individual dreams confidently.
    1. Environment 
      • Recycling used water to reduce the release of large amounts of water into the environment along with its long-term effect on the environment. 
    1. Impact Business Model 
      • Targeting vulnerable women in underserved communities. 

SDG Outcomes:


SDG 11

SDG 13

Hybrid Activities 

At Speeders, we believe that learning does not begin or end in the classroom. We believe that it is a lifelong process, which is why we take on local people who have dropped out of school or have no formal education, giving them the necessary formal training and skills to be able to run a business. We wish for all our staff to be entrepreneurs and some proceeds from the business are aimed at helping those who wish to further their education.