Angela Boahene

Angela Boahene – BAE Foods

Using the produce from local farms, B.A.E is providing healthy food to people and using the proceeds to feed street children through partnerships with NGOs and farmers

B- Corp Impact Areas 

    1.   Environment 
      •     Submitting inedible food waste to compost companies contributing to protecting the environment
    1.   Community 
      •     Providing recovered crops to orphanages at reduced costs to help them feed balanced meals to children. 
      •     Reducing food insecurity by feeding vulnerable children.
    1.   Impact Business Model 
      •     Buying recovered crops of farm excess from local farmers in rural areas to reduce losses 
      •     Selling food to the general public at a reduced cost to raise funds to support orphanages and mitigate the impact of food insecurity.
      • Reducing food waste by working with compost companies to properly dispose of food.

SDG Outcomes




SDG 12

Hybrid Activities 

    1.   Sale of food to the market niche to generate commercial revenue. 
    2.   Provide balanced meals to vulnerable children within NGOs. 
    3.   Dispose our food waste efficiently to reduce the carbon footprint food leaves behind.


Validated the process of identifying and feeding vulnerable children to reduce food insecurity.