Tailoring a Dream;The Story of Ezekiel Hormeku

Tailored Hands

For centuries, western clothing has dominated the world of fashion. From the renowned runways in Paris, Milan and New York, to the second-hand clothing kiosk in Makola Market,Ghana, one can find all sorts of clothing from different cultures, but hardly any ready-to-wear clothes made by an African brand. The gap is even wider when it comes to men’s clothing  

For decades, the suit and tie have been recognized as the standard costume for official purposes, and most state officials, and other workers in the formal sector, more often than not, follow the norm. In more recent times, the fashion world has undergone massive transformation; more designers are employing their ingenuity and culturally aware designs to push for inclusivity and a breath of newness in the industry. We at the Ashesi Venture Incubator (AVI), are proud to name Ezekiel Hormeku, an AVI fellow and Ashesi alumnus, as one of the creative forces revolutionizing the fashion industry by promoting African clothing as a standard costume for formal and business purposes.

Ezekiel obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Ashesi University, Ghana in 2019.He is an ardent Christian and his faith, he believes, inspired his entrepreneurship journey. According to Ezekiel, the idea for founding Tailored Hands came through prophecy. In his own words, “It is more than a brand; it is a divine mission”.

Tailored Hands is a men’s clothing brand that seeks to redefine formal clothing in Ghana and beyond. The business boasts of authentic clothing, featuring striking designs, which are crafted out of the best kaftan, and with a customer-satisfaction driven outlook. With such a resumé, it is little wonder that Tailored Hands has already started carving out a niche for itself in the Ghanaian and global fashion markets.  

Models Styled by Tailored Hands.

According to Tailored hands, perfection is far from the goal when it comes to style and design, rather, true style lies in one’s ability to dress differently. Tailored Hands is forging for itself a reputation as a phenomenal brand for today and a unique brand in the future. Ezekiel has realized the overwhelming potential in creating a brand that is synonymous with African identity and he is committed to building a brand recognized for its authenticity and cultural significance.

Tailored Hands is structured as a hybrid business model that operates for profit whilst looking to create social impact. As such, it employs designers and tailors, thereby creating decent work and economic growth in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 8 (SDG8). Even more commendable is the commitment to be an inclusive brand that hires persons with disabilities to bridge the employment inequality gap, in fulfilment of the UN’s SDG 10.

Drawn by the potential of Ezekiel’s dream and its strong commitment to supporting start-ups,the Ashesi Venture Incubator (AVI) welcomed Ezekiel as a fellow in 2019. The AVI has provided him with training in lean research, capacity building resources, stipends and access to funding so that he can focus on growing his business. For dreamers like Ezekiel the AVI provides a safe space to experiment and try out new ideas in business. Ezekiel, in an interview had this to say about the AVI; 
“The AVI organizes insightful sessions that have been eye-openers in helping make certain key decisions in the business. The sessions on team building, customer acquisition and retention strategies have been instrumental in Tailored Hands’ growth as a business.”

With a degree in a career-oriented field such as Mechanical engineering, one would least expect Ezekiel to pursue the path that he has chosen. However, it is exactly such versatility and passion that drives entrepreneurship. Over the next five years, Tailored Hands aspires to establish itself as one of the leading brands in tailored outfits in Ghana. Again, the venture is considering exploring other opportunities in the same industry (For example, producing women’s wear, manufacturing of fabrics, among other options) to gain recognition as an international brand.

We at the AVI believe and share in this dream. Are you doubting Thomas? Hopefully not! Tailored Hands is more than a brand; it represents a dream! Waste no time, Google the brand, make an order, and lend your support – Be a part of the dream.

Link to website: https://tailoredhands.com/