Kevin Blankson is the co-founder of SWOOVE. a social enterprise seeking to bridge the gap between logistic networks in Africa. With SWOOVE, Kevin aims to build a robust logistics network that spans the continent of Africa. Detailing his business life after the AVI, Kevin provides insight into how his personal and business life has changed since his graduation from the Ashesi Venture Incubator. 

Like several others, Kevin’s plan after university was to keep his focus on SWOOVE, making sure that it remains a  commendable business venture.

Despite the often experienced feeling of loneliness that comes after the completion of the AVI, he makes an effort to keep in touch with his colleagues via occasional phone calls.

Speaking on the nature of  his business after the AVI, Kevin had this to say:

“Business is tough but growing. We just need to secure some funding to help cover and fuel our growth.  SWOOVE is in the MEST accelerator now and is also in the process of getting our valuations completed so we can get some funding.

The MEST accelerator usually provides a grant but grant recipients are also open to further investments. On the other side, SWOOVE is dealing with a third-party consultant to conduct its valuations and also help with securing the funding. This is time-lined between June and July. SWOOVE has also applied to YCOMBINATOR for more funding and assistance.”

Kevin has been on course with what was learnt in the AVI; an aspect of its model has been modified to meet the emerging needs of customers and the firm. The young entrepreneur’s social enterprise has also started doing trips from Accra to Kumasi, launched an open API that will help developers all gain access to online deliveries (the first of its kind) in Ghana. The company currently has partner agencies in Kumasi, Tamale, Takoradi among other cities in Ghana.