2020 Fellows
Teni Agana
Loozeele Initiative
Loozeele Initiative is an educational program targeted at the youth in the northern parts of Ghana. It comprises entrepreneurship module, empowerment module, and the reproductive health module. Loozeele aims to empower young people to learn basic speaking, reading, and writing skills, and identify entrepreneurial opportunities whilst mitigating teenage pregnancies and its negative impact. Overall, Loozeele hopes to improve the lives of the youth and, even better, reduce the rate of urban migration. [SDG Outcomes - 8,5,4]
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Hannah Ama Dorkenu
Korah Foods
Korah Foods is a food preservation company that seeks to research and implement ways of extending the life span of some perishable foods in Ghana. [SDG Outcomes - 12]
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Ebenezer Tenkorang Addo
Adesua Online
Adesua Online is an e-learning platfrom that provides an affordable, convient and remote world class education to intecllectually passionate high school students in Ghana. [SDG Outcomes - 8,5,4]
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Bernard Derry Wanye
Speeders Laundry
At Speeders Laundry, we provide quick and quality laundry services to our customers at their convenience. [SDG Outcomes - 5, 11, 13, 12]
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Emma Forson
97' Thrift Store
The 97' Thrift Store takes advantage of recycling by transforming used clothes of good quality into trending fashion statements while making profit. [SDG Outcomes - 11,8,12]
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Robert Boateng-Duah
REST (Robotics Engineering Science & Technology) Solutions
Rest provides solutions in automation, robotics, telematics, telemetrics, and IoT to individuals and industries. [SDG Outcomes - 8,9,4,17]
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Nana Ama Boa-Amponsem
Think Education Ghana
Think Education supports and empowers privately-owned basic schools, primarily in Ghana’s lower-middle-income communities, to create, innovate and implement systems and conditions to support effective school management, improve their operational efficiency and develop programs that enable students to thrive. We do this by providing advisory services in key areas so that schools can expand and improve the quality of the education they provide. [SDG Outcomes - 4, 8, 10, 17]
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Grace Cleland
Natural Space
Natural Space is seeking to solve the struggles and issues concerned with maintaining and caring for natural hair through a mobile hair diagnostic service that aims at providing customers with the right hair regimen as well as right organic products. [SDG Outcomes - 8]
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Mohamed Hijazi
Meuse Cab
[SDG Outcomes -7,9,11]
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Janet Fuah
Divergent trains high school students in rural communities to create sustainable solutions to communal problems using Design Thinking. [SDG Outcomes - 4,8,9]
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Theresa Sarudzai Chidembo
Ung Jordbruk
Ung Jordbruk focuses on cattle rearing and the use of cow dung for manure in small scale horticulture. [SDG Outcomes - 2,8,12]
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Nazaretha Mawuena Nyamuame
Bowney Initiative
Bowney Initiative focuses on empowering adolescent girls so that they can achieve their education and career goals. As a non-profit organization, Bowney Initiative creates impact by establishing partnerships and donor opportunities to advance opportunities for girls in the program. [SDG Outcomes - 1,4,5]
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Pearl Abbam
Pearls Craft
A fashion brand that focuses on producing fashion accessories. Our products include bags, neck-pieces, and earrings. All the pieces are handmade with exceptional attention to detail. [SDG Outcomes - 9,12]
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Angela Boahene
Organic Solutions
At Organic Solutions, we are changing the trajectory of food waste management to benefit the agricultural sector and the environment at large. [SDG Outcomes - 2,3,6,7,12]
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