Strengthening Small And Medium Scale Enterprises

Obsessive Innovations.

Obsessive Innovations is a venture that can best be described as “a great relief for small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs). The story of its inception begins in 2019, when Kelvin Degbotse, a recent graduate of Ashesi University, decided to pursue his long-time dream of assisting small and medium scale enterprises with Artificial Intelligence and Software Solutions. Obsessive Innovations was born as a data-driven company that combines Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) to tackle both business and social issues. 

Obsessive Innovations’ core product, “Finnovo”, was launched in 2019.The Finnovo Platform allows for the development of customized and tailored applications for SMEs to help them automate their processes and generate data in an efficient manner. This helps them to save money and generate reports that come in handy as they raise capital for expansion.

The Ashesi Venture Incubator (AVI) has been of great help in assisting Obsessive Innovations reach its business objectives. In an interview with a team member of Nexti2i, Kelvin said,

“Working with the AVI has given me the freedom to test many of my hypotheses and assumptions. If I had undergone National Service with my company, there would have been so many things I couldn’t have done because of the risk involved. But with the AVI, through the mentorship, the networking, and the financial assistance provided for a whole year, I have been given the opportunity to take risks that I could not have considered if I were on my own.”
The Ashesi Venture Incubator (AVI) is a one-year incubation experience for recent graduates and alumni of Ashesi University. The incubator is an off-shoot of NEXTi2i, which is a collaboration between Ashesi University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s D-Lab. Over the course of a year, fellows are given guidance that enables them to invest in and redefine their business models via business coaching from local and global business leaders, business development sessions, support services and financial stipends.

As a fellow of the AVI, Obsessive Innovations looks to play its role in the attainment of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), by promoting Innovation and Industry, to identify, assess and close the gaps in economic equality that society struggles with. For instance, the Finnovo application makes it easier for businesses to attract investment for expansion, leading to the creation of more job opportunities and a consequent reduction in unemployment. This directly impacts SDG 8; narrowing the economic disparity gap. Again, through its value proposition, Obsessive Innovations has joined the several other companies that are championing Industry and Innovation in Ghana, in line with SDG 9.

Kelvin Delivering a Presentation On Obsessive Innovations.

“The AVI training sessions have allowed me to work more on my organization, especially towards sustainability and making it more attractive to a wider pool of impact investors. The office space and stipends offered by the AVI have also helped to take care of certain related costs.”

Obsessive Innovations is currently engaging early adopters and is seeking to gain more insight into B2B (Business to Business) Software Sales. 

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