Sheropreneur Campaign : Women who shape the economy

The tremendous influence and impact of women entrepreneurs in transforming economies of both developed and developing countries cannot be overemphasized.

Women have always been exceptional and often juggle multiple roles. As  society continues to achieve equality and making strides in ensuring female voices are heard, we are seeing more and more women venture into positions of power.

Women can be viewed as extraordinary people who can do everything and can often be found in positions of authority. Female entrepreneurs are no exception, from start-ups to small and medium sized businesses , large corporations and everything in between, women continue to play significant roles in creating jobs, introducing innovative solutions to critical challenges, producing relevant products and services and creating wealth[1].

The entrepreneurship space is no different, from start-ups to small and medium-sized businesses, large corporations, and everything in between, women continue to make great impact. This is through the significant roles that they continue to play in creating jobs, introducing innovative solutions to critical challenges, producing relevant products and services and creating wealth. [2] 

Despite the diverse responsibilities and challenges women face, their resilience, commitment, passion, ingenuity, vision and exploits continue to drive businesses and ventures in Ghana. This is proven by the numbers which indicate that there are more female entrepreneurs in Ghana than their male counterparts. These are feats worth recognizing and celebrating.

Research shows that the economic impact of increased female entrepreneurial participation is significant and holds the potential to be a major driver of economic impact. In light of this, one of the aims of the Ashesi Venture Incubator (AVI) is to highlight these influential women entrepreneurs and to encourage more female participation not only in the incubator program but with the NEXTi2i project as a whole.

In addition to this, we aim to grow values-driven entrepreneurs and women have previously been shown to be the best promoters of values-driven entrepreneurship. We therefore hope that highlighting these exceptional women will help us achieve our goal of creating a values-driven incubator that trains emerging entrepreneurs to focus on SDG-driven outcomes in their business models.

Many attributes have been used by researchers and writers to describe female entrepreneurs. Positivity, vision, ambitious, confidence, organization, self-growth, hardworking, persistence etc. are some of the attributes assigned to women entrepreneurs[3] However, we like to address these strong women as Sheropreneurs.