Investment Readiness Session with Abraham Ankumah

Setting an impressive record of being one of the first few Ghanaian businesses to raise a staggering $25 million in his early stage business, the Ashesi Venture Incubator had the honour of hosting Mr. Abraham Ankumah popularly known as ‘Abe Ankumah’(Vice President of VMware) to share valuable insights on investment preparedness. Also present at the event were eight alumni businesses, five of which were currently enrolled in the Ashesi Venture Incubator as well as students and alumni interested in knowing more on the subject.

Having gained years of experience as a Technology Business Executive, an entrepreneur, and an Innovator, Abe in the first segment of the three-part session covered key  investment concepts to be considered by entrepreneurs when building a High Growth Venture. Prominent among the different aspects of Investor Preparedness treated was the art of speaking the language of investors which revealed the four major players that influence investors’ decisions and what investors truly look out for under these major players

The Pitching segment of the event opened the floor for alumni businesses present to pitch their business concepts after which two selected winners would be given the opportunity to work with Mr. Ankumah as mentees while receiving world-class advice on how to expand their businesses to high-growth ventures. Five businesses were called on the spot to pitch which exhibited participants’ ability to think on their feet and to be ready at all times. 

The last segment of the event had Kevin Blankson of Swoove and Kofi Gyamfi of Mazuma being shortlisted as the two chosen businesses to work with the acclaimed Abe Ankumah.

With these chosen finalists, they would be exposed to a broader market perspective while being connected to a line of possible investors through their engagement with Abe. A selfless way indeed of contributing to the Entrepreneurship community in Ghana through the Ashesi Venture Incubator