Derick Omari’s Tech Era- Assistive Technologies for All.

Tech Era

Derick Omari graduated from Ashesi University in 2018 with a  Business Administration degree and an organization that helps people with physical and developmental disabilities have more fulfilling lives. In the same year, he was named the recipient of the Queen’s Young Leaders Award in recognition for his contribution towards making Information Technology literacy accessible to underserved communities in Ghana. Derick’s work bridged the gap between disability and access to quality and inclusive education through his Tech Era initiative, since 2015.  

Tech Era believes that disability should not be a barrier to quality education and decent work. In response, the business develops assistive technologies that make learning possible for children with disabilities.

According to the United Nations, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the blueprint to achieving a better and more sustainable future for all. Derick is contributing to UN SDGs by championing SDGs 4, 8 and 10 through Tech Era.

Derick is helping reduce inequality (SDG 10) by developing technology that makes education accessible to children with disabilities. The technology promotes the provision of quality education for all (SDG 4). Every youth who participates in initiatives from Derick’s organization have a higher  chance of thriving in the competitive job market through access to quality education, IT literacy and employable skills.Tech Era also advances SDG 8 by giving young people access to opportunities for decent work and economic growth. 

Since it was established, Tech Era has served more than 2,500 people, primarily people with disabilities, with digital skills training, academic assistance programs, and affordable assistive technologies. Tech Era is committed to ensuring that individuals with disabilities can smoothly transit into independent living and employment. It does this by providing internships to youth with special needs, developing the digital capacities of persons with disabilities for employment, working with organizations and institutions to create an inclusive work environment, and supporting them to successfully integrate employees with disabilities.  

A Child benefits from Tech Era’s innovation.

Inspired by the positive feedback from the community and the urgent need for Tech Era’s operations to reach an even bigger underserved market the company is launching several interventions. In June, Tech Era started piloting a product that helps children with spasticity and grip challenges to learn to write over the next three years. Tech Era is working to launch its  virtual learning platform – IXAM -; for visually impaired learners, that would give them access  to inclusive learning materials, complete academic requirements and prepare adequately for their examinations preparation material. 

 Within the next year, Tech Era plans to provide digital training to more than 200 children and youth with disabilities, as well as offer affordable assistive technology, including 3D prosthetics, to more than 100 individuals with amputations. The AVI remains committed to supporting Derick Omari and Tech Era to attain these goals.

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