Kweku Appiah Acquaye
Co-Founder of EasyGo

EasyGo is a tour booking platform that provides curated tour experiences for travelers and tourists within Ghana.

Ronald Tumuhairwe
Founder of Boseit fitness

Boseit fitness motivates and inspires the community of enthusiasts to live their happiest, healthiest lives through fitness by providing the resources and information that uplifts their will to stay on the journey.

Divine Nkurunziza
Founder of TechBridge Burundi

TechBridge Burundi aims to empower the next generation of Burundians by fostering computer literacy and digital proficiency, particularly among marginalized communities, through comprehensive technological education and training programs.

Janis M'imiemba
Founder of Kayalift Network

Kayalift Network is an AI-driven HRtech platform that is focused on making hiring more efficient and cost-effective for companies, while also making the job-seeking experience more direct for employees. They work with students, graduates, investors, and hiring companies to make this possible.

Christabel Agbottah
Founder of Chrisbel Accessories

Chrisbel Accessories empowers clients to experiment with personal style and discover what suits their unique aesthetic. They help curate timeless pieces you and your loved ones will cherish forever.

Linda Arthur
Founder of EcoFishes

EcoFishes is a sustainable aquaculture business in Accra, Ghana, that aims to increase domestic protein production and improve food security by sustainably rearing catfish and tilapia. They align with SDGs to end hunger, promote sustainable industrialization, and conserve marine resources.

Simba Asamoah
Founder of Bold Inspired

Bold Inspired is a digital magazine focused on creating and curating relevant and engaging content that captures, amplifies, and acknowledges experiences, stories, opinions, and trends that speak to the unique lifestyle of the Ghanaian Gen Z.

Kevin Agbevem
Founder of Muze

Muze is an online e-commerce site that connects local artisans to a wider market, providing customers with a variety of high-quality, locally-made handicrafts. They are passionate about promoting traditional craftsmanship and preserving cultural heritage.

Vanessa Kyla Dzidulah
Founder of Artville

Artville aims to be a leader in art services; producing art pieces including canvas paintings, face and body paintings, and murals, among others; facilitating art workshops to potential artists; providing art supplies at relatively affordable prices and organizing art events for recreational purposes.

Denise Ayarna
Founder of Dias Beauty Studio

Dias Beauty Studio is a beauty center that provides hair and nail services in a serene environment to aid with the self-care and stress-relieve of busy women in Ghana.

Bryan Achiampong
Founder of Green Hopper

Green Hopper is a green auto tech company focused on connecting the future of auto tech services to automobility experiences in Africa. Their flagship product, FITA Autotech, uses mobile tech, machine learning, and subscription models to allow motorists to manage their vehicle experiences and connect to a vetted auto services ecosystem that supports pathways to green mobility transitions.

Samantha Mavunga
Founder of Toda

Toda is a leading beverage manufacturer providing healthy natural drinks and rewarding careers.

Reuel Adetunji-Oyewo
Founder of Sparklean Laundry Services

Sparklean Laundry Services provides an end-to-end laundry service that allows clients to get fresh, clean clothes in good time, at a reasonable price without having to break a sweat —never having to worry about laundry again.

Naa Korlikie Ologo Gyan
Founder of Fruits on Wheels

Fruits on Wheels is an early-stage business in the food and beverage industry that seeks to address the inaccessibility of fruits in private universities in Accra. Fruits on Wheels seeks to address this problem by providing students with affordable grab-and-go pre-packaged fruits and fruit consumables.

Nancy Mma-Ngaare Mba
Founder of MSmiles

MSmiles is committed to helping children and young adults in orphanages, foster homes, and underresourced communities. They provide a comprehensive education intervention program with a focus on mentorship, STEM, ICT, exposure visits, and donations, and have partnered with organizations and individuals for initiatives like their Learn Robotics program at Ashesi.

Samuel Atsu
Founder of Rabbit Port

Rabbit Port is a restaurant that specializes in dishes made with rabbit meat. They are committed to providing a unique dining experience that celebrates the rich flavors of rabbit meat while supporting the local community and the environment.

Eugene Sekyi
Founder of Fuzar

Fuzar seeks to build the next customer retention marketing tool that would help businesses attract and retain customers.

Joshua Opoku
Founder of Worka Technologies

Worka is an all-in-one management software for healthcare and beauty care businesses in Africa to manage appointments, handle payments, manage customers, find leads, and review business performance.

Eugenia Anyawoa
Founder of Avond Interiors

Avond Interiors is an avant-garde interior design company targeted at creating functional and tranquil interiors for the modern minimalist.

Monayat Abubakar
Founder of MAB Upcycles

MAB Upcycles, is an up cycling business which transforms metallic waste into beautiful and functional pieces, including trendy furniture, that last a lifetime.