Amatus Kohaanee Dekye
Founder of Yolom Skin Oils - YSO,
Amatus Kohaanee Dekye is the founder of Yolom Skin Oils - YSO, a niche player in the skincare industry that manufactures herbal creams ideal for all skin types using natural herbs. It solely blends beneficial natural herbs to create a unique cream effective for nourishing and protecting the skin against infections caused by intense humidity, heat, and cold. YSO’s utmost goal is to provide an affordable option for both low- and middle-class individuals to have a healthy, more even skin tone.
Dela Kwami Acolatse
Founder of Tastetimonials
Dela Kwami Acolatse is the founder of Tastetimonials, which offers a premium shared dining experience to your doorstep, for a family party, wedding, or special event. Tastetimonials does this while encouraging the use of local, indigenous ingredients from Ghana to promote Ghana’s food system.
Edel Togobo
Founder of Edelicious Lifestyle & Edelicious Farms
Edel Togobo is the founder of Edelicious Lifestyle & Edelicious Farms (Edelicious Network), a platform that supports the adoption of healthier eating habits through convenient menu designs, meal prep packages, and fruit delivery services.
Abraham Abbey
Founder of Anidaso Farms
Abraham Abbey is the founder of Anidaso farms, a newly established commercial poultry farm that engages in the production and sales of high-quality chicken and eggs at affordable prices. It is located at Berekuso in the Akwapim-south district.
Elom Awo Acolatse
Elom Awo Acolatse is the founder of Sokolata, a local high-end chocolate brand produced from Ghanaian Premium cocoa beans with a focus on chocolate retailing in high-end stores across urban cities. She aims to be recognized as the preferred chocolate brand for the upper working class.
Ernestina Kobi
Founder of Sanhwe
Ernestina Kobi is the founder of Sanhwe, a Ghanaian-based agriculturally driven house excited about giving people the possibility to explore a wide range of unique products(starting with fragrances) on a budget that will inadvertently attract another look.
Francis Kobla Okunade
Co-founder of Deka
Francis Kobla Okunade is the co-founder of Deka (by Safehouse Agribusiness Limited) They are on a mission to make raw material sourcing a seamless process for food processors in Africa so that they can thrive and create more opportunities for people across the continent.
Christian Hakizimana
Co-founder of Hakikris
Christian Hakizimana is the co-founder of Hakikris which farms, packages, sells, and delivers top-quality local rice to customers and retail shops in Burundi, East Africa. He aims to bridge the gap between local farmers and the market and, to serve customers with trusted branded local rice in Africa and the world.
Kwasi Asiedu-Mensah
Founder of Efiewura
Kwasi Asiedu-Mensah is the founder of Efiewura, a real estate service for young adults between the ages of 20-35 in Accra who earn low- middle-income wages and are looking for a place to stay. The service extends to property owners and landlords in Accra who are looking for tenants and for someone to manage their property.
Lindiwe Mutungamiri
Co-founder of Lith Africa
Lindiwe Mutungamiri is the co-founder of Lith Africa, which is on a mission to improve the mental health and well-being of individuals in Africa. Their work is inspired by the satisfaction they get from empowering individuals and positively impacting lives.
Nicole Sheila Amoo-Yankey
Co-founder of Nissie
Nicole Sheila Amoo-Yankey is the co-founder of Nissie, a Ghanaian handmade arts and crafts store that specializes in the branding of acrylic items such as keychains, and acrylic signs for businesses, events, and gift items such as journals, bottles, frames, tote bags, etc. They believe that everyone has a unique style, and they bring that to life through their products.
Michael Twene Osei
Founder of TIES Agric Ghana
Michael Twene Osei is the founder of TIES Agric Ghana, which is a technology-driven business that pioneers sustainable food production and processing in Africa. They remain committed to exploring innovative means to scale, tapping into the potential that exists in the value chain to create value for their business and society.
Zelia Abdul-Mumin
Founder of AmiShea
Zelia Abdul-Mumin is the founder of AmiShea, which focuses on the processing of Shea Nut into viable Shea butter products by engaging women in Northern Ghana. They provide secure and decent permanent employment opportunities for women in rural areas by marketing and selling our products in markets both locally and internationally.
Ewuresi Folson
Founder of RF Active
Ewuresi Folson is the founder of RF Active, which is an athleisure sportswear brand that aims at promoting self-love through body embracement. They aim to improve the health and wellness ecosystem in Ghana and potentially Africa.
Aba Wilmot
Founder of Timeless by Aba
Timeless by Aba uses Ghana’s cocoa to provide handcrafted chocolate confectionery which are made in Ghana, aesthetically appetising and feature essences from around the world.